Mercedes-Benz of Seattle, a prestigious dealership known for its commitment to exceptional customer service and high-quality vehicles, sought a solution to enhance efficiency in managing their expansive inventory, which spans multiple storage lots and multi-tiered parking structures. By implementing MDD Locate’s real-time tracking system, they were able to save 30 minutes or more for every customer interaction, leading to increased sales and an improved customer experience.


With a vast inventory spread across multiple locations, Mercedes-Benz of Seattle experienced difficulties in quickly locating specific vehicles and keys. This resulted in prolonged wait times for customers and negatively impacted the overall customer experience, which is of utmost importance to the dealership. Mercedes-Benz of Seattle needed a solution that would enable employees to quickly locate vehicles and keys, streamlining the sales process and enhancing the customer experience.


Mercedes-Benz of Seattle chose to implement MDD Locate, a cutting-edge real-time location system designed to optimize automotive dealership workflows. MDD Locate provides real-time location data for every vehicle and key across the dealership’s multiple storage lots and parking structures, ensuring quick and easy access for employees.


Working closely with the MDD Locate team, Mercedes-Benz of Seattle seamlessly integrated the real-time tracking system into their existing infrastructure. The system was deployed throughout their storage lots and multi-tiered parking structures, ensuring comprehensive coverage and location accuracy.


With MDD Locate in place, Mercedes-Benz of Seattle employees could quickly and accurately locate vehicles and keys, saving an average of 30 minutes or more for every customer interaction. This time-saving not only improved the efficiency of the sales process but also had a direct impact on customer satisfaction.

Customers appreciated the dealership’s ability to promptly showcase the vehicles they were interested in, leading to a more enjoyable and seamless buying experience. As a result, Mercedes-Benz of Seattle experienced a noticeable increase in sales, as customers were more likely to make a purchase when their needs were met promptly and professionally.

Furthermore, the improved efficiency also allowed the sales staff to handle more customer interactions per day, further contributing to the increase in sales.


By implementing MDD Locate’s real-time tracking system, Mercedes-Benz of Seattle was able to overcome the challenges associated with managing their extensive inventory across multiple storage lots and parking structures. The increased efficiency in locating vehicles and keys led to a significant improvement in the customer experience and a subsequent increase in sales. This case study highlights the powerful impact that MDD Locate can have on dealership performance and customer satisfaction.