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Mobile Dealer Data is the #1 Real-Time Location System for Automotive Dealerships, Agricultural Dealerships, Manufacturers and more. Our system is cost effective and proven, making it the perfect solution for businesses that need to track their assets in real time. With Mobile Dealer Data, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your assets are always in safe hands.

What We Do

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Mobile Dealer Data is the leading provider of real-time location systems for automotive dealerships and more. Our cost effective solutions are proven to help our clients increase efficiency, improve customer service, and boost sales. We’re committed to providing our clients with the best possible service, and we’re always working to develop innovative new ways to help them succeed. Thanks for choosing Mobile Dealer Data!


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Our Values & Vision

Our Mission

Mobile Dealer aims to be much more than just a supplier – we strive to become partners and support our customers in achieving long-term success.

Driven by Data

MDD Locate unlocks access to a wealth of actionable data that can supercharge productivity, profitability and competitive edge for your business. Harnessing the power of insights from information has never been easier!

Stay Ahead of the Curve

By choosing to partner with MDD, you can ensure that your platform is always on the cusp of innovation. We take pride in leading our industry into the future – investing heavily in remaining ahead of any competitors. Join us today and make sure your technology soars above expectations!

Your Users are Our Users

We understand that great user experiences for your team can foster lasting relationships; and we pride ourselves in delivering just that.

Delight & Inspire

Our priority is to create positive relationships with our partners in which both sides benefit – not just monetarily, but also through the satisfaction of working together. Our intention is to form meaningful connections that endure over time.

What We Offer

MDD provides the right technology for any project, no matter your budget – making it easy to get a winning RTLS system at an unbeatable price. Trust our experience and leave the guesswork behind; we’ll have you ready with just what you need!

Custom App Development

Our development team is simply outstanding. Allow us to create specialized solutions that maximize the capabilities of our powerful MDD Locate RTLS technology!

Roadmap & Strategy

No matter the challenge, we’ve got you covered. We specialize in crafting custom solutions to fit any use case and have successfully implemented hundreds of installations – so let’s get brainstorming and make your vision a reality!

Secure Data backups

MDD Locate RTLS is the ultimate secure solution. We guarantee data protection through powerful and reliable AWS backups, ensuring you’re always covered!

Backend & API Development

Make MDD Locate work for you! Our open API will quickly and easily integrate location data into your applications, giving them the power of pinpoint accuracy.

User Centric Experiences

Our software is designed to make sure each person in your organization has a tailored, superior experience. No more one-size fits all!

WorldClass Support

No robots here – Award-winning, real human support is always just a chat or call away. So don’t hesitate to contact us for any of your needs; we’re with you every step of the journey!

MDD Locate RTLS is the most cost effective way to get your organization up and running with real-time location systems. It’s not only easy to implement, but it also offers a proven return on investment – what could be better? Contact us today for more information about how our top-tier technology can help you reach your goal!

Have a Project in Mind?

Let’s dive in and launch your RTLS project! Tell us the details so we can begin this exciting endeavor.