Longo Toyota, a leading dealership in the automotive industry, recognized the need to improve operational efficiency and boost revenue by increasing billable hours in their service department. By implementing MDD Locate’s real-time tracking system, Longo Toyota managed to save an average of 10 minutes for every vehicle serviced, resulting in a substantial increase in daily revenue.


As one of the largest dealerships in the area, Longo Toyota faced challenges in managing their high volume of vehicles in the service department. Service technicians often spent a significant amount of time searching for vehicles, causing delays in the servicing process. Longo Toyota sought a solution that would help them optimize workflow and reduce time spent on non-billable tasks, ultimately increasing their billable hours and revenue.


Longo Toyota chose to implement MDD Locate, a state-of-the-art real-time location system designed specifically for automotive dealerships. MDD Locate uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze real-time location data and provide actionable insights to improve dealership workflows.


Longo Toyota worked closely with the MDD Locate team to deploy the real-time tracking system across their service department. The system was integrated seamlessly with their existing dealership management system, ensuring minimal disruption to their operations.


With MDD Locate in place, Longo Toyota’s service technicians could quickly and easily locate vehicles, reducing the time spent searching for them by an average of 10 minutes per vehicle. This time-saving translated directly into an increase in billable hours for the dealership.

Based on their average labor rate, Longo Toyota calculated that the increase in billable hours resulted in an additional revenue of $3,750 per day. This substantial revenue boost not only covered the cost of implementing MDD Locate but also generated a significant return on investment for the dealership.

Additionally, the improved workflow led to greater customer satisfaction, as vehicles were serviced more efficiently, and wait times were reduced.


By implementing MDD Locate’s real-time tracking system, Longo Toyota successfully addressed their challenges in managing a high volume of vehicles in their service department. The increased efficiency allowed them to save time, increase billable hours, and ultimately boost their revenue by $3,750 per day. This case study demonstrates the powerful impact that MDD Locate can have on dealership profitability and customer satisfaction.