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Flexible Monthly Subcription Options – Including FREE!



  • Free to use for one year!
  • Tracking equipment not included

RTLS – Starts at

$995 / mo

  • Custom RTLS solutions
  • Built exclusivlely for your use case
  • Most cost effective solution available
  • 90-Day money back guarantee
  • Tracking equipment not included

I timed my techs for a week and found that on average they were spending almost 2 hours a day looking for cars, so this solution was going to make us $10,000 a week on billable labor

The system has been a dream I no longer have everyone coming up to me all day asking where cars are

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Across our 12 repair bays we save upwards of 8 hours a day by not having to search for tractors.  That is 8 hours more of turning wrenches vs. wandering around the property looking for assets

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