Revolutionizing Farm Management: Next-Generation Agricultural Real-Time Location System Solutions for Enhanced Productivity

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MDD Locate offers an expansive solution to real-time tracking needs—from small, one lot operations all the way up to sprawling multi story structures or complex large facilities. Whatever your footprint may be, MDD Locate has you covered!

Born from the partnership between MDD Locate and CNH Industrial, you can rest assured that your asset tracking needs will be expertly met.  You know that working with us guarantees reliable results.

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Agricultural manufacturers and large-acreage parking fields face numerous challenges in managing their extensive inventory of vehicles, equipment, and assets. Mobile Dealer Data’s MDD Locate, a cutting-edge Real-Time Location System (RTLS), enables businesses to streamline operations, reduce wasted time, and significantly increase profits. By employing MDD Locate, businesses can accurately track and locate assets in real-time, resulting in significant efficiency improvements.

The financial benefits of effective asset tracking in agricultural facilities are substantial. By implementing MDD Locate’s RTLS, businesses can save countless hours searching for equipment and vehicles, which directly translates to reduced labor costs and increased productivity. With accurate location data, businesses can allocate resources more effectively and optimize their operations, ultimately leading to greater profit margins.

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“Efficiency is the key to success in agriculture,” says a representative from CNH Industrial, one of the many companies currently benefiting from MDD Locate’s RTLS. “By implementing MDD Locate, we’ve been able to optimize our operations and ensure that our valuable assets are always accounted for. The time and cost savings have been remarkable. 

I timed my techs for a week and found that on average they were spending almost 2 hours a day looking for cars, so this solution was going to make us $10,000 a week on billable labor

The system has been a dream i no longer have everyone coming up to me all day asking where cars are

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Across our 12 repair bays we save upwards of 8 hours a day by not having to search for tractors.  That is 8 hours more of turning wrenches vs. wandering around the property looking for assets

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MDD Locate’s RTLS not only saves businesses time and money but also contributes to overall operational efficiency. With real-time location data, businesses can effectively plan and schedule maintenance, reducing equipment downtime and ensuring optimal performance. This, in turn, can lead to increased asset longevity and reduced maintenance costs, further improving profitability.

Enhanced security is another advantage of MDD Locate’s RTLS. By closely monitoring the location and movement of assets, the system can quickly identify unauthorized access or potential theft, preventing financial losses and safeguarding valuable property. As one agricultural business owner noted, “MDD Locate has been instrumental in protecting our investments and maintaining the integrity of our operations.”

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MDD Locate’s RTLS also enables agricultural businesses to optimize their inventory management. With accurate and up-to-date information on asset location and status, businesses can strategically arrange their vehicles and equipment to maximize accessibility and streamline workflows. This can lead to faster sales, improved inventory turnover, and increased profits.

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